Sunflower Learning Center is more than a daycare,

is a safe place for your child to grow and learn.

Ages Groups


6 weeks to 12 months

Our infants are cared for in a specially equipped nursery providing the personal attention, security, stimulation, and nurturing they require.


 12 months – 24 months

Our toddlers’ program provides many possibilities for children to express themselves and build on skills to provide   a safe, clean and  happy environment for toddlers to become more independent.

Twos & Threes

Twos & threes years old are very curious about the world around them.

Our qualified staff is ready to take them  on the journey, learning basic building block, and work together.

Preschool Age

4 – 5 years old

Welcome to Preschool age, in this group we get them ready for the big kids school! In this age kids start to be curious about how things work around them, they will learn everything they need to know  before going to the “Big Kids School”.

After-school & Summer camp

6 – 12 years old 

Thanks to our daycare partnership with Pro Child, we are pleased to offer a variety of programs for the care and development of your children such as the after-school program and the summer camp. 


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About us

The program of the Sunflower Learning Center has been developed to meet the physical, mental, emotional, social, and creative needs of the young child.  The classroom environment encourages trust and independence.  Emphasis is on helping the child gain a positive self-concept, self-discipline, and help in developing warm relationships with others. Click the buttom below to find out more about us.

Come visit us

Sunflower Learning Center has an Open-Door Policy with our families.  We welcome families to come and spend time in the Center and participate in their child’s education.  We welcome volunteers in our programs, and do not discriminate based on sex, origin, color, race, age, or religion. We welcome people of all backgrounds, faiths, age, and abilities to come add to our diverse population and embrace the culture of education that we are working to promote with our children.  Volunteers can help with the eating time, read a book, play outdoor or help in the annual activities. 

“Our daycare, our family, our community”

Sunflower has been one of the greatest communities so far. We also try to expand our philosofy and proffessionalism, that is why we would like you to know about ProChild LC, another partnership day care so we can offer our services at Lake Worth, FL.

Programs and Accreditations