About Us

Let us show you a little bit more about Sunflower LC

Center Philosophy

The program of the Sunflower Learning Center has been developed to meet the physical, mental, emotional, social, and creative needs of the young child.  The classroom environment encourages trust and independence.  Emphasis is on helping the child gain a positive self-concept, self-discipline, and help in developing warm relationships with others.

Sunflower Learning Center recognizes the importance of play in the learning process for young children.  Play is the basis for learning in our programs.  We aim to provide a full, stimulating, developmentally appropriate environment which encompasses the many learning styles of young children.  The environment allows the children to develop and master skills at their own pace.

We believe that children learn through active hands on involvement with materials, equipment, and activities.  During active play, a child’s mind, body, and emotions develop, and true learning takes place.  We encourage children to be independent in basic care routines because these routines can provide as much opportunity for meaningful learning to occur as experiences planned in the interest areas of the classroom.  We want to provide a stimulating, sensitive environment that supports the child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

Our Mission

The mission of the Sunflower Learning Center is to offer safe, developmentally appropriate environments for preschool and school age children.  The program offers multicultural environments that promote the strength and value to human diversity.


Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the active learner.  Curriculum involves learning through discovery and play.  This includes the activities and experiences that take place in the classroom and more importantly the relationships establish between children, their peers, and their teachers.  Our major emphasis is on forming relationships.  Relationships help children make connections.  We focus on the process of learning.  For example, the act of constructing a building or the manipulation of art materials is more important than the final product.  We take joy in children’s successes.


  • Families are invaluable resources for their children and can provide teachers information on family home values, beliefs, experiences, language, and culture.  We strive to have all families actively engaged in their child’s learning experience at our school.
  • Children will be accepted and recognized for their unique individual background, culture, characteristics dispositions, and family.
  • Play is the core of the curriculum.  The environment is prepared with the child in mind.  Play is a natural process.  Our goal is to help each child to develop at their own speed.
  • Teachers provide children, families, and co-workers respect, acceptance and encouragement in a supportive, social climate.

What We Offer

Private Paid

ELC (Early Learning Coalition)

HS (Head Start)

EHS (Early Head Start)