How to apply

Happy to welcome your child to Sunflower LC, please check out this section to know how to apply.

Enrollment list

If you are interested to be part of the Sunflower LC family take a look at the list below and make sure you have all the requirements for the enrollment process. Do not hesitate to contact us for more info!

  1. Completed Application – Aplicación
  2. Immunization. – Vacunas
  3. Physical – Físico
  4. Birth Certificate – Certificado de nacimiento
  5. I.D COPY. – Copia de licencia de conducir u otra identificación
  6. ELC Certificate is applicable – Certificado de ELC
  7. Allergie and Hospital Name – Alergia y hospital de preferencia
  8. Pick up List – Personas autorizadas a retirar los niños
  9. Know and Influenza virus – Conociendo mi escuela y virus de influenza
  10. Discipline Policy: Póliza Disciplinaria
  11. Special food related activity, Rilya Wilson – Actividades especiales
  12. Food program Form: Aplicación para la comida
  13. Registration Fee – Cuota de inscripción
  14. Frog Street Curriculum
  15. Calendar and Parent Handbook – Calendario y manual de padres
  16. Center Tour – Recorrido en el Centro
  17. Procare Information – Información a Procare

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Procare Access

Make sure to register a Procare account and keep updated about your child`s information.